Viv Reedman

QMSA Awards

Viv Reedman was from Mackay, married to Pauline and had two children (Tanya and Marcus).He was always in the top three players in Mackay Squash and for one season after injuring his right shoulder he played left handed and could beat most local players.
At the early age of forty he relinquished his interest in Reef Marine to go into semi- retirement to practise part time as a CPA. This allowed him more time to play squash and golf. As he had a pilot's licence, he flew various mates to tournaments throughout the state. Viv travelled extensively in Masters’ Squash and was recognised by his fellow players as a man who always played hard but fair.
Over his last decade the competition and fellowship of Master’s squash was an important part of his life He died on his son's 18th birthday in 1997 aged 54. After his death this award was created to honour his memory. It is presented to a player that has demonstrated the characteristics of the true spirit of Masters’ Squash.

Clipping supplied by his wife Pauline: pauline reedman [] INFORMATION COMPILED BY S.Dorricott.


  • Standard of Performance at the Player’s Level
  • Personal Presentation
  • Sportsmanship
  • On and Off Court Behaviour
The three previous winners vote 3, 2, 1 at each tournament for players they believe demonstrate the required criteria. If they are unable to attend they should organise someone to vote on their behalf. Votes are sent to be recorded by the current holder on a provided spread sheet. In the event of a tie the three previous winners would decide the winner. The trophy is presented by the current holder at the final tournament of each year. This process was devised by S.Dorricott



Donated by Nev & Sharon Volker

1997 Barrie McDevitt
1998 Gordon Barsby
1999 Sharon Volker
2000 John Wehrmann
2001 Kathy Paterson
2002 Pamela Smart
2003 Marie Taylor
2004 Laura Stranks
2005 Brian Cook
2006 Ruth Knight
2007 Chyrel Finlen
2008 Marisa Zavattaro
2009 Curtis Reid Snr
2010 Lyn Mallet
2011 Kevin Bamberry
2012 Neil Hughes
2013 Jo Files
2014 Trish Fox
2015 Andrew Sosimenko
2016 Helen Watkins
2017 Phil Gott